“Melt Your Muffin Top, Seattle!”

Just ask Dr. Oz and Oprah… there’s no better time to get your body in shape than this Spring, thanks to an amazing procedure called Zerona — a pain-free, non-surgical, cold laser treatment that literally melts the fat out of your body as you lay back and read a magazine.

For a limited time, we’ve combined Zerona’s maximum effectiveness with maximum affordability, as well as some additional benefits…

From now through April 15, Vitality MediSpa is taking $400 off the normal $2,399 price of our Zerona procedure. Plus we’re including several additional benefits to supercharge your weight loss and help you restart a healthy life. For just $1,999.00, you will receive:

√   NINE Zerona Treatments
The manufacturer requires a minimum number of six Zerona treatments per person, as per the protocol they used in their successful clinical trial studies (in which study participants lost an average of 3.5 inches). However Vitality’s Special “Muffin Top” package includes three more — that’s NINE Zerona sessions — to help you lose even more weight.

√   Two Vitamin B12 Injections
Because Vitamin B12 has been shown to increase the body’s ability to metabolize fat, Dr. Tami includes two injections at no additional cost to ensure maximum weight loss success.

√   Niacin Supplements
Flush-free Niacin helps remove fat from your system. Our package price includes over a month’s worth of supply of this supplement to help your body remove the “melted” fat after each Zerona treatment.

√   MediClear Nutrition Enhancement
This protein-rich, vitamin-packed shake mixture doesn’t just provide a handy, healthful snack during your Zerona therapy, it serves a valuable medical purpose: flushing toxins from your body. Every day, we’re exposed to all sorts of toxins in our environment and food, and most of these toxins wind up getting stored in our fat. When the Zerona procedure begins releasing fat into your bloodstream for your body to flush out, MediClear will help your body manage this process — its primary use in the medical field is for detoxification.

√   Handy Diet Guide
We’ll give you a simple pamphlet to guide you in choosing which foods are best, and which to avoid, in order to maximize weight loss during (and long after) your Zerona procedure.

√   Fifteen Day Pass to ProRobics Conditioning Club
Exercise helps flush the “melted fat” from your body, particularly when you exercise after a Zerona treatment. Your two+ week pass will let you walk out of your Zerona treatment and directly across the street into ProRobics, where you can participate in a class (pilates, yoga, body-step, Zumba, kickboxing and more), or work out on their extensive equipment options, or both. Who knows, you might just start a healthy habit too…

What is Zerona?
Zerona is an FDA-approved device that uses cold, pain-free lasers to target and literally collapse the fat from cells, all non-invasively. After treatment, excess fat is quickly and naturally removed by the body’s natural processes — all without any discomfort, medication, or the negative side effects and downtime associated with more invasive procedures such as liposuction. Get more details on our related blog story here.

Who is Administering the Treatment?
The Zerona procedures are overseen by Tami Meraglia, MD, a double board certified Doctor in both Aesthetic and Integrative Natural Medicine (read all of her qualifications here), and administered by a certified laser technician. Dr. Tami is passionate about the holistic blend of cosmetic and wellness medicine, believing that a healthy body is the underlying foundation of beauty. She is a frequent featured expert on KING5 Health Link, and has trained countless other doctors both nationally and internationally in the practice of innovative, healthy cosmetic medicine.

How Do You Get Started?
Give us a call to schedule your free, absolutely no obligation consultation with Dr. Tami: (206) 622-5300.


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